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Our Story

When you think about it, the legend of how the sticky rice dumpling or bak chang (also spelled as bak zhang or zongzi) came to be is really borne of love - that for one’s country and brethren. Less spoken about, is the love within the process of making the bak chang itself.

Today, the bak chang is still entirely made by hand - the tradition upheld by the meticulous way in which each ingredient is carefully filled, before being deftly folded within bamboo leaves. Each scoop of rice is measured. Every fold of the leave is purposeful. Within this ritual of making a delicious bak chang, holds the effort and love of its maker and the elegance of an artisanal kitchen.

For Maylin, the kitchen didn’t just mean a warm hearth, but a cherished place which held fond memories of her time spent cooking with her father. Because she understands the power of recall that comes from a carefully-prepared dish, her inspiration is to always offer a heartfelt menu.

When Maylin started making bak changs in 2013, adhering to a longstanding recipe from her house nanny, the rich and authentic flavours won her instant praise. More importantly, her respect for the time-honoured method grew, and it became a calling for her to not only promote these seasoned rice bundles to be enjoyed throughout the year, but to feature the elegant skill in future activities. Demonstrating her vision as market leader, she imagined her flavours as characters - a first - and introduced a contemporary presentation to align with today’s appeal. Bak Chang Queen was thus born.

With ingredients that are freshly sourced and each dumpling made-to-order, Bak Chang Queen’s menu is truly full of heart, evoking wistful moments for those who remember. This is why the founder believes that every diner can always feel #loveineverybite.

Bak Chang Queen in 2021