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Miss Nyonya
Miss Nyonya

Miss Nyonya

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“Make it lebih cantik sikit.” ​ (Make it a little prettier.)

Full of grace and demure manners, Little Miss Nyonya lives to decorate her days with small projects of beauty. Her fastidious ways lend her an excellent hand at crafting, and she can embellish a kasut manek (beaded slipper) for hours on end. Her patience can be witnessed best in her garden, where one can admire a giant water urn with flowering lotuses, or the curling vines of the bright blue pea flower against the walls. 

A sweet and savoury combination, the nyonya rice dumpling is filled with minced pork and delicate spices. A romantic blue marbles the rice, naturally coloured by the blue pea flower. Hand-wrapped in fragrant bamboo leaves.