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Traditional baked skin moon cake (box of 2)
Traditional baked skin moon cake (box of 2)

Traditional baked skin moon cake (box of 2)

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Individually handcrafted mooncakes using only premium low sugar lotus paste, each paired with a *perfectly whole fresh salted egg yolk. 



  • Traditional baked mooncake skin, made using olive oil, all the flavours none of the greases.
  • *Fresh whole salted egg yolk, for that creamy moist texture.   
  • Baked pine nuts and melon seeds, to compliment the extra smooth lotus paste with a creamy bite. 
  • Limited edition trendy minimalistic box of 2 or 4 moon cakes, perfect as a gift for friends, family or to corporates.  

Vegetarian-friendly options are available. 

Available in 4 flavours

No pork, no lard and no preservative.

Each mooncake is handmade, in very limited quantity. 

*only applicable for mooncake with yolk options. 

Each mooncake is carefully handmade with love, with no preservative or colouring added. To store, use an airtight container and keep in a cool and dry place. For longer-term storage, please keep it in the fridge.